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Divine Public School
10+2, Affiliated to CBSE, India
Bichhia, Near PAC Camp
Gorakhpur- 273014
Phone :9389555444
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School Uniform

                                                                               SCHOOL UNIFORM
                                                                 SUMMER :
(Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri)
(Class I-V)          : Half sleeved White shirt with school monogram, apple green half pants and school socks.
(Class VI-XII)     : Full sleeved white shirt with school monogram and apple green full pants with school socks.

(Class I-V)          : White shirt with school monogram, apple green tunic 'U' neck (upto knee length) with apple green
                               bloomers with school monogram and school socks.
(Class VI-VIII)    : Full sleeved white shirt with school monogram, apple green skirt upto knee length with apple green
                               bloomers & school stocking.
(Class IX - XII)   : Green check kameez with white salwar and white dupatta, black ribbon or black band if used and white socks.

                               School Tie, School Belt, Black Plain shoes with laces (boys) / buckles (girls)

SATURDAY         : (Allotted house dress)

BOYS                  :
(Class I - V)       : House T-shirt (red, green, blue, yellow), with school monogram, white half pant.
(C|ass VI-XII)    : House T-shirt with white full pant & white socks.

(Class I-V)        : House T-shirt with school monogram with white tunic with school monogram and white socks.
(ClassVI-VIII)   : House T-shirt with school monogram with white skirt and white stockings.
(Class IX-XII)   : White kameez with white salwar and house dupata with school monogram & white socks with School Belt,
White canvas shoes, white ribbon or band.

WEDNESDAY: Full white uniform with school Belt and Tie.

NOTE : White cotton Apron for science students of Class XI & XII.


1.      Full sleeved white shirt.
2.      Apple green full pants (I - XII) boys (Monday - Friday), White full pants (Saturday)
3.      Apple green tunic (Girls - upto Class V), skirt (Class VI-VIII),(Monday - Friday), White (Saturday), green check kameez
         with white shalwar and white dupatta (Monday - Friday) and white shalwar with white kameez and house dupatta (Saturday)
         (Class IX - XII).
4.      School Sweater.
5.      School Blazer with school Emblem.
6.      Bottle green scarf or muffler.
7.      Bottle green stockings (Girls) socks (Boys)

School Sweater from 1st Nov, School Blazer from 1st Dec, School scarf/muffler/cap


As the school uniform is compulsory parents will pay particular attention to the same. Children who are not in uniform will
not be allowed to be in the school. Parents will therefore kindly provide children with sufficient number of uniforms and
see that they come to school clean &tidy.